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A lush and green lawn in your River Ridge, LA property can save you woes in maintaining and keeping your property in top shape. It rids you of the eye sore when you enter your property and enhances the aesthetics of your home or business.

If you need a perfectly healthy lawn, you can depend on TurnKey SOD to save you time and effort in doing so. Our team of lawn experts and contractors has been managing the lawns in Louisiana, understanding the weather and soil conditions of the area.

We offer top-notch lawn services that have made our customers proud of their properties. We choose the best type of sod and prepare your ground for successful sod growth. You will enjoy a stunning masterpiece that will enhance your outdoor space. Discover why TurnKey SOD is the number one choice of property owners in Louisiana for reliable and efficient sod installation services.

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best SOD Installation Services

River Ridge Sod InstallationIf you want to transform your lawn in River Ridge to increase the value of your property and create the perfect environment for your outdoor space, you should know what to consider when choosing the best sod installation service. Here are important factors to consider:

Type of Sod

Every lawn is unique and even though the soil conditions in River Ridge are relatively the same, your sod installer should know the best type for your property. A reliable sod installation service knows how to match the perfect sod that will thrive on your lawn.  At TurnKey SOD, we understand the unique characteristics of each type of sod and we will be able to help you choose the best one for you.

Service Area and Scheduling

Before you hire a sod installer, make sure that they provide services in your area. This will save you costs in transportation. Likewise, this will also assure you that they have experience in sod installation considering the climate and soil conditions in River Ridge. At TurnKey SOD, we have sod installers in RiverRidge who will make sure that they finish the installation in your preferred time and schedule without disrupting your routine.

Quotes and Pricing

Commit to a sod installer only when you fully understand how much their services will cost. Make sure that the cost does not have hidden charges. Do not be misled by low prices where the installer uses low-quality materials. They might have poor installation practices as well.

With TurnKey SOD, we offer the best quality sod installation service that matches the price we offer. You are assured of a reasonable and competitive price for a perfectly lush and green lawn.


Choose a sod installation service that offers guarantees for their work. This will give you peace of mind that you get the service you need with assurance that quality is not compromised.

Sod Installers River RidgeAdditional Services

A company that offers additional services apart from sod installation is one that you can depend on. A comprehensive list of services will save you time and money to look for other companies that offer these services needed to complete your lawn project. Additional services may include landscaping, lawn maintenance, ongoing support, and irrigation system installation.

With TurnKey SOD, you are assured of quality sod installation with a guarantee that your lawn will look beautiful for a longer time. Our services are competitively priced because we do not compromise quality from soil preparation to lawn maintenance.

Steps in Soil Preparation For Sod

Soil preparation is a crucial step to ensure the success of sod installation. We prepare the soil properly so that roots will penetrate easily and evenly. When roots are anchored well into the soil, this will increase the drought-resistance of the sod. At TurnKey SOD, these are the steps we follow in preparing the soil for sod installation:

  •  Clearing rocks and debris:  To make it easier to lay the sod, we remove rocks and debris from the topsoil to the subsoil. This will assure that roots will penetrate well into the soil so the sod will be established.
  • Grading for drainage:  Proper drainage is crucial to prevent root rot once the sod is established. Hence, our sod installation team always makes sure that the area for sod installation is graded. We provide a slope where water is directed away from your property.
  •  River Ridge Sod InstallersTilling and adding topsoil:  We use the right tools to effectively loosen the soil for easier root penetration. We also add topsoil to make sure that when sod is installed, there will be proper growth with a nutrient-rich foundation for the sod.
  • Testing pH balance:  Determining the pH balance of the soil is important for optimal sod growth. We always test the soil pH in your property and adjust appropriately if the soil pH is too high or too low.
  • Applying starter fertilizer:  Good fertilizer allows for proper nutrient absorption and healthy absorption for turf. We apply the best starter fertilizers for strong root development.

Our sod installation team carefully follows these steps for a seamless sod installation that has a healthy foundation for turf growth.

How Much Does Sod Cost?

The average cost of sod is between $0.30 to $0.80. This varies depending on several factors like square footage, the type of sod you like to be installed, and your location. With TurnKey SOD, you will get the best value for your money and expect a lush green lawn that will last for years to come.

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Let us transform your property in River Ridge with a beautiful lawn. With years of experience in sod installation and lawn maintenance, we will install your sod correctly with well-prepared soil for optimal growth. Give us a ring so we can talk about how we can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams in River Ridge, LA and the surrounding areas.

All About River Ridge, LA

River Ridge is located along the banks of the Mississippi River. It is a scenic neighborhood that offers both natural and modern beauty. You can enjoy the charming tree-lined streets and parks and various amenities where you can shop and eat.

It is located conveniently in the center of Jefferson Parish making it accessible to neighboring cities and towns like downtown New Orleans. It is a vibrant community that has something for everyone. If you want a strong sense of community, family, and fun, this is the place you are looking for.

  • Enjoy outdoor recreational activities like hiking and bird watching. River Ridge has some great things to offer for nature enthusiasts. One particular place you can visit if you love nature is the Audubon Louisiana Nature Center.
  • Explore different art galleries, museums, and historic sights along the Rivertown cultural district. Some of the most-liked are the Kenner Planetarium and the MegaDome Cinema.
  • Be engaged in fishing, boating, and picnicking at the Little Farms Park or along the scenic banks of the Mississippi River.
  • Drew Brees, former NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints
  • Regis Prograis, a professional boxer and former WBA super-lightweight champion
  • Pat Cooper, an American comedian and actor known for his work in the 1960s and 1970s
  • Larry Holder, a sports columnist, and journalist
  • The town is home to the Rivertown Repertory Theatre, which is a popular venue for live performances and cultural events.
  • The Place was developed by French colonists who started with large sugar plantations.
  • It was originally known as Little Farms because of small homesteads spread across the region.
  • The Jefferson Transit buses provide regular and reliable service throughout River Ridge, connecting residents to nearby neighborhoods, shopping centers, and employment hubs.
  • Uber and Lyft, ride-sharing platforms that provide residents with additional transportation options.
  • River Ridge is located near major highways and interstates, making it easy for residents to access public transportation hubs, such as nearby train stations or airport shuttles, for longer journeys.
What Our Clients Say
Nathan Watson

I couldn’t be happier with the lush, green Bermuda grass that now carpets my backyard, all thanks to TurnKey Sod. Their team not only delivered top-quality turf but also provided expert guidance on maintenance, ensuring my lawn remains picture-perfect.

Mellisa Collins

The decision to switch to St. Augustine grass for my front lawn was a game-changer, all thanks to this company’s exceptional services. The team’s mastery of handling this unique grass variety was evident in every step of the process. My home’s curb appeal has undergone a remarkable transformation, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Rose Stewart

My experience with this company’s centipede grass installation was nothing short of extraordinary. From the very outset, their professionalism and expertise were abundantly clear. From the first roll of sod to the final flourish, I was left in awe. My yard now boasts a vivid, lush tapestry that I’ve always dreamt of.

Joseph Gray

TurnKey Sod’s zoysia grass has transformed my backyard into an oasis. The hardiness of this grass variety is truly remarkable, and I appreciate the team’s dedication to ensuring my lawn thrives in any weather.

Tanya Morgan

If you’re seeking to breathe life into a lackluster lawn, look no further than this company’s Bermuda grass. The team’s dedication to excellence extends beyond providing top-notch sod; they graciously shared their wealth of knowledge on maintenance practices, making my yard the neighborhood showstopper.

Joshua Simmons

The installation of St. Augustine grass by this company’s team exceeded my expectations. The transformation of my front yard is truly remarkable, and the grass has proven to be resilient, even in New Orleans’s unpredictable weather.

Mariel Howard

Transitioning my front lawn to centipede grass was a breeze, thanks to this company’s exceptional service. Their team’s expertise and accommodating approach made the entire process seamless. I can now proudly showcase a front lawn that epitomizes the vibrant greenery I’ve always envisioned.

Liam Hamilton

I’m absolutely thrilled with the stunning Bermuda grass adorning my backyard, a transformation orchestrated by the incredibly talented team behind this company. They served as knowledgeable guides, imparting invaluable wisdom on maintenance practices, ensuring that my lawn remains a verdant masterpiece for years to come.