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Quality Sod Installation Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Every lawn is different, and each one is viewed as distinct from all others. TurnKey SOD approaches every sod installation with a unique perspective, ensuring that we select the best type of sod for your area in Baton Rouge.

Sod comes in many types, and we can suggest the type that will grow best on your lawn considering all factors needed, such as drainage, sunlight, and your lawn or garden’s layout.

We will also discuss the purpose of your sod installation, determining whether to use turf for aesthetic and landscaping purposes or heavy traffic if your lawn will be used for gatherings and barbecue parties.

Whether you need a low-maintenance lawn or a lush oasis, our team of expert sod installers will help achieve the goal with you. TurnKey SOD is your reliable sod installer in Baton Rouge.

Benefits of Sod Installation

Imagine a lush, green lawn where your children and pets can play, or where you can gather with your friends and family for picnics and celebrations.

Sod installation can help maintain a pleasant microclimate and cool temperature, making your outdoor spaces more comfortable.

beautiful stripped grass lawn

  1. Instant Greenery: Sod is pleasing to the eye. What a sight to behold when you enter your property with greenery or if you want to retreat to your backyard and lay on soft green grass.
  2. Erosion Control: Properly installed sod with established roots will help keep the soil intact and prevent particles from being washed away during heavy rains. It will prevent soil erosion.
  3. Weed Reduction: When sod is laid on the ground, there will be no space for weeds to grow. It will limit the space and nutrients for weeds to flourish.
  4. Time Savings: Sod is easier and faster to install. You will have instant turf in your yard or garden instead of waiting for growth when you use seeds.
  5. Soil Improvement: The sound growth in your area will help nourish the soil and improve its structure, leading to healthier soil conditions.
  6. Temperature Regulation: You will be grateful for lush turf during hot weather because it helps regulate temperature. It cools the atmosphere providing you with a fresh environment.
  7. Increased Property Value: Property value increases with a green lawn because of the aesthetic appeal that it brings to the property.

Achieve a beautiful and functional lawn in Baton Rouge with TurnKey SOD. We are committed to creating beautiful greenery in residential and commercial outdoor spaces that will help control soil erosion, reduce the growth of weeds, and boost curb appeal.

Types of Sod We Install in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge soil is great for many types of sod. At TurnKey SOD, we offer these choices of grass for your lawn:

  1. Bermuda Grass

    Bermuda grass is like a tough and dense green carpet that can handle different soils and weather. It’s great because it can handle a lot of activity, resist drought, and even deal with salty conditions. The best part is, it grows fast and can push out the most annoying weeds.

  2. St. Augustine

    St. Augustine grassSt. Augustine grass is slightly rough to the touch, but it’s a popular choice for lawns around homes and businesses. One great feature is its ability to thrive in shady spots, creating a visually appealing lawn where other types of grass might struggle.

    St. Augustine grass is generally adaptable to various soil types, preferring soil that is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Therefore, if you have shady areas and desire a resilient, attractive lawn, St. Augustine grass might be the ideal choice.

  3. Zoysia Grass

    Zoysia Grass is like an all-around champion for lawns. It can handle different kinds of soil and is tough against shade, drought, salt, and people walking on it.

    This grass is like a natural bodyguard against weeds because it grows so thick. It is like the superstar of lawns – it looks great, has fine blades, grows at a reasonable pace, and can handle shade and dry spells. So, whether it’s your home lawn or a business area, Zoysia is a top pick.

Why Choose TurnKey SOD?

If you choose TurnKey SOD, you are on the right track.

Here are the reasons why we are the top choice for sod installation needs in Baton Rouge:

  1. Expertise and Experience: We bring a wealth of expertise because we’ve been installing sod all around Louisiana. We understand the weather in Baton Rouge and the soil conditions allowing us to assist you in choosing the best sod and in perfectly laying the groundwork for a healthy sod establishment.
  2. Quality Sod Selection: We understand the pros and cons of each type of sod we offer and we source our sod from the best growers in the area. We assure you that you get the healthiest turf that is sure to flourish with proper care and management.
  3. Professional Installation: We get into the details of every step of the sod installation process so you will have a healthy lawn. Our team efficiently prepares the ground and ensures proper irrigation.
  4. Customized Solutions: We will work closely with you to be able to deliver what you expect according to the needs of your property.
  5. Timely Service: We finish every sod installation project promptly, owing respect to your time. Our seamless installation process and efficient workflow allow us to accomplish installation on time.
  6. Transparent Pricing: At TurnKey SOD, we discuss and present upfront costs, with no hidden or unexpected charges.
  7. Customer Satisfaction: We value your expectations and work to accomplish your goals for your lawn. We prioritize your satisfaction with a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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We are your ideal choice for sod installation services in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. We take pride in transforming outdoor spaces into an oasis tailored to our clients’ needs.

We are committed to sustainable practices that will turn your lawn into a vibrant landscape. Don’t wait any longer, contact us now to start your lawn transformation journey!

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  • Baton Rouge offers a variety of public transportation options, including buses, trolleys, and streetcars.
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What Our Clients Say
Nathan Watson

I couldn’t be happier with the lush, green Bermuda grass that now carpets my backyard, all thanks to TurnKey Sod. Their team not only delivered top-quality turf but also provided expert guidance on maintenance, ensuring my lawn remains picture-perfect.

Mellisa Collins

The decision to switch to St. Augustine grass for my front lawn was a game-changer, all thanks to this company’s exceptional services. The team’s mastery of handling this unique grass variety was evident in every step of the process. My home’s curb appeal has undergone a remarkable transformation, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Rose Stewart

My experience with this company’s centipede grass installation was nothing short of extraordinary. From the very outset, their professionalism and expertise were abundantly clear. From the first roll of sod to the final flourish, I was left in awe. My yard now boasts a vivid, lush tapestry that I’ve always dreamt of.

Joseph Gray

TurnKey Sod’s zoysia grass has transformed my backyard into an oasis. The hardiness of this grass variety is truly remarkable, and I appreciate the team’s dedication to ensuring my lawn thrives in any weather.

Tanya Morgan

If you’re seeking to breathe life into a lackluster lawn, look no further than this company’s Bermuda grass. The team’s dedication to excellence extends beyond providing top-notch sod; they graciously shared their wealth of knowledge on maintenance practices, making my yard the neighborhood showstopper.

Joshua Simmons

The installation of St. Augustine grass by this company’s team exceeded my expectations. The transformation of my front yard is truly remarkable, and the grass has proven to be resilient, even in New Orleans’s unpredictable weather.

Mariel Howard

Transitioning my front lawn to centipede grass was a breeze, thanks to this company’s exceptional service. Their team’s expertise and accommodating approach made the entire process seamless. I can now proudly showcase a front lawn that epitomizes the vibrant greenery I’ve always envisioned.

Liam Hamilton

I’m absolutely thrilled with the stunning Bermuda grass adorning my backyard, a transformation orchestrated by the incredibly talented team behind this company. They served as knowledgeable guides, imparting invaluable wisdom on maintenance practices, ensuring that my lawn remains a verdant masterpiece for years to come.